Soldier Profile: Daniel Shea

Ashly and I have decided to research Daniel Shea, a World War One veteran who dedicated a bell to one of our local churches. Daniel Shea was a cook on a United States Navy vessel.  Daniel was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1894 and passed away from a debilitating illness in 1936.

Thus far Ashly has made contacts with several people in our community. She is looking to find a connection to people at the Newington Veterans Hospital. While Daniel Shea was receiving treatment for his illness he was a patient at the Newington Veterans Hospital. Furthermore, we are looking for possible contacts at St. Mary’s Church in Newington. Dan, who was confined to a hospital bed due to his illness, became friends with the hospital chaplain, Pastor Timmons, and decided to dedicate a bell to the church because of Pastor Timmons and the churches’ support during his time at Newington Veterans Hospital.

We have been looking to locate more information regarding his life before his service. He was born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts. We have been able to locate his draft registration papers. He registered for the military at the age of 22. I was looking to find any information about his employment, childhood house, or high school graduation but have been unsuccessful. He worked at as a butcher at a meat and fish company called M.J. Norris prior to registering for the draft. He also lived at 34 Taylor St in Holyoke prior to his military service. I was unable to locate any newspaper articles, pictures, or stories from his pre-military days.

We have just began do look into possible platforms for our soldier profile. We will continue to look into options over the next few weeks. One possible option would be the wordpress plug-in, Ashly and I will be looking to set up a few appointments with contacts in the coming days.

Draft Registration Paper:

Daniel Shea Bio-


2 thoughts on “Soldier Profile: Daniel Shea

  1. Dr. Prescott,

    We are currently looking to gather more information in regards to the bell. We are trying to set up appointments with the Deacon (potentially tonight), the Pastor, and the principal at the school. We have found several newspaper articles about the bell and its importance to Daniel Shea. We also have found the blessing that was used on the bell. We have been successful in locating artifacts about Daniel after his time in service but have not found very much in regards to his time in service and before. We are planning a trip to Holyoke, MA tomorrow or Friday to see what else we can find. I have reached out to the Holyoke Public Library and the Holyoke Veterans Services Office for more information.


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