Omeka allows students to post their scholarship online. It is an open source content management system. Omeka allows its user to build a website with tabs and links. Tabs can include pictures, content, archives, collections, exhibits, and more. I chose to look at two different digital archives in order to see how two users treat and display content differently.

First, I looked at Harding University Brackett Library. The site features “unique images, documents, and oral histories relating to the history of Harding University and prominent people associated with the school”. On the front page different color boxes bring one to focus on a few selected items they would like a visitor to view. For example, a featured exhibit, this month it is “Jim Bill McInteer: A Legacy”. The home page also features a list of recently added items by date. The tabs along the top of the page allow a visitor to view different sections of the website. When selecting between items, exhibits, collections, etc. I can browse all or browse by a tag. On this particular Omeka webpage there are no tags to browse.

The second Omeka webpage I chose to visit was the Sails Library Network’s digital collection. The SAILS Digital History Collection represents work from several local projects from member libraries. At first glance this webpage is set up similarly to Harding University’s webpage. At the top of the page there are several tabs to select. For example, a link to browse items, collections, exhibits, and pictures. Furthermore, similar to the first webpage there is a “featured exhibit” box. The major difference between this Omeka and the first one is the layout of the first page. SAILS Library chose to locate the recent upload onto the right side of the webpage, as opposed to underneath other content. The search options for the SAILS Library digital collection similar to Harding University as well. SAILS has the browse by tag option as well.

In summary after viewing both digital collections, they both function very similarly to one another. The layouts for both are very similar. They both possess exhibits, collections, and items related to their topic.


2 thoughts on “Omeka

    1. Hi Dr. Prescott,

      I prefer the first layout (Harding University). I liked the way they had accent boxes that drew my attention to certain items they felt were important or noteworthy. At the top (under the tabs) they have a “feature item”. In the right hand margin they have a “featured collection” and “featured exhibit” section. I think it is a great way to advertise or make known some of the publications they have on their website.


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