Uncharted Territory

If I had to assign a rating between 1 and 10 (one being the lowest and ten being the highest) of my online persona, I would give myself a 3. I would not consider myself to be someone who is wrapped up with all of the applications, blogs, and networking sites. The blog that I post to weekly has been my first blogging experience and truthfully besides Facebook I do not use any other social networking site. Through this class I have realized all of the useful tools that are available to us. My opinion on Wikipedia has changed and I now realize the value of it. Furthermore, in last week’s discussion I realized how many great social networking sites there are that I have never investigated.

Twitter was one of the sites that I found to be particularly interesting. One of the goals I have as a teacher is integrating my classroom into student’s life at home, and reaching out to parents. Through Twitter I would not only be able to post updates and reminders but I could share interesting, valuable articles with students and parents. I found that to be particularly interesting. I envision sharing the real-time World War 1 updates twitter with my students, or podcasts, articles, and journals written by twitterstorians and bloggers.

Furthermore, I found the idea of incorporating Pinterest into the classroom interesting as well. It was almost laughable to see how skewed the usage of Pinterest was in favor of the female demographic. One idea that was mentioned was creating a board for the class or having students engage in a project using Pinterest. I am not familiar with Pinterest’s capabilities but it is something I would like to investigate.

One of my goals moving forward is to investigate and explore some of these social media sites. I honestly have not spent much time on them. I feel that I am missing out on a great opportunity to develop further understanding of history and digital media. There is a lot of uncharted territory I have to explore to better involve myself in digital media and Web 2.0.


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