The Classroom Blog

As a teacher, the ability to blog is something that can enhance the classroom in many ways. Blogging is something that I have never done before, personally or within my classroom. The blog offers students the unique ability to connect with one another outside of the classroom; to share one’s thoughts, opinions, and understanding of a related issue or topic within the classroom. Students are able to express themselves through a classroom blog and if it is carefully monitored the outcomes can be highly rewarding for students.

The blog allows for the classroom to become a community of learners, a comfortable place for students to interact and grow. Many students shy away from public speaking or from sharing their ideas with their peers for fear of being labeled an outcast or being wrong. A well-structured blog can look to break down the fear of sharing one’s thoughts, especially in an academic environment. With relative evidence and support a well-developed opinion can be shared with classmates. The pros are innumerable. Students are able to develop their own positions, understand others views, and justify their opinions. The blog can build an energetic, engaged, and vibrant classroom full of ideas.

Furthermore, blogs can allow for someone to gain valuable information related to a field that they might be interested. Casually scrolling through various reputable blogs allows for further understandings and new insight. As with anything in the cyber world there is a fair share of dangerous posts as well; posts from people with strong opinions looking to attack or discredit certain views or ideas. This is where blogging gets its bad reputation, as a place for people to spew out distasteful rhetoric with little thought or consideration.

In summary, the use of blogs can be extremely valuable and highly rewarding. One may open their mind to a new wealth of ideas and sense of expression through blogs.


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